WordPress seeks your input to improve their app

Tim over at Armenian Eagle alerted me to this request for user input from the folks at WordPress. It turns out that they value their user community and are seeking new ideas to improve their next version of the WP app, probably 2.3 due out in April or May.

I hopped on over and added my wish for better statistical data and reporting views.

Better statistical data and views of hits, usage, comments, etc. Something similar to bsuite but with richer reports. For example, being able to determine which user hit which post would help form a demographic profile which would better enable bloggers to understand who is reading what material and allow them to respond accordingly.

I currently use bsuite and Casey mentioned that a new and improved version is in the works. But what I really want is a way to track and correlate geographic data to post hits/views. I’d love the ability to cultivate a demographic profile based on usage data that I know exists somewhere out there. However as I am not a DB or PHP geek yet, I can’t code this myself.

So join the party and add your ideas to improve our platform!

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