New screen technology means longer battery life for laptops

A C-Net post discussed changes in LCD screen lighting. Using LEDs to illuminate a screen, not only was the screen brighter and more visible but the effects on battery life were astounding. On the one system utilizing the new screen technology , a Sony VAIO VGN-TXN15P/W, C-Net labs recorded a full run-time of 9 hours, 42 minutes!

Granted, its Core Solo processor is very efficient, but we believe the
new LED backlights were the chief reason for it running for nearly 10
(10!) hours on a single charge. We’re all for thinner, lighter laptops
with brighter screens, but the best news surrounding this development
is getting a full day’s work done without hunting for a wall outlet.

Could you imagine going an entire day without having to top off your charge? If this lab test hold true for other vendors employing this technology modification, what sort of implications might this pose for our current learning environments where we no longer need to be tethered to or hovering near our desks for power or having to purchase and tote about additional batteries?

Here at Plymouth State University there have been a number of conversations regarding the future of the laptop. We have a portable laptop lab, and HATE it! While it’s a wonderful tool when it works, it is an administrative nightmare and power is always an issue. Most campuses still have an electrical infrastructure decades old, and the thought of retrofitting buildings to support the mobile learner makes our CFO go gray! What if we didn’t have to worry about total retrofits to support “laptop compliance?” What institution couldn’t find better ways to use that money?!

As you can tell, I’m a bit giddy. But it is more due to the fact that technology is finally overcoming some of its own hurdles and the realization that I might soon be able to focus my energies more on teaching and learning than on administration and infrastructure.

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