Mac Tablet – Could it be?

Macophile alert!

If the rumor-mill holds true, then a Mac tablet could be just around the corner. According to C-Net, Other World Computing is planning on unveiling their modified MacBook which utilizes Apple’s Inkwell technology for screenwriting at the upcoming MacWorld Exposition on January 9th in San Francisco.

Exciting possibilities!

UPDATE: On Tuesday, January 9th, Other World Computing unveiled their three versions of a Mac tablet based on the Macbook. Their website lists three pricing schemes $2199 for the base model with a 1.83GHz processor (with a pre-release special offer of a GPS add-on!), $2399 and $2699 for the 2.0GHz models. The biggest difference in these last two models is in the amount of memory (1GB/2GB) and size of the hard drive (80GB/160GB). Otherwise they all sport iSight, Apple Remote, 802.11g wNIC, Bluetooth, Superdrive and integrated GPS module.

The tablet uses a WACOM digitizer, Axiotron digitizer pen and Forceglass screen which covers the LCD and camera.


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