Top Ten of 2006 – Most Read EdVentures Posts

I’d been thinking back on the year and was wondering what my blogging meant to me. Then through my feeds came the Top Ten meme and I thought that not only would I consider what my blogging meant to me, but what it meant to those who visited my blog this past year.

So here are the top ten most read posts for 2006, surprising to me was finding that half of them were only just recently published*:

  1. New 2005 ECAR Report on Students and Information Technology – ECAR published the findings based on their 2005 surveys. Re-reading the post reminds me that I never did take the time to parse their findings.
  2. Our new home – 2006 saw me make the move from my original blog to hosting my own WordPress blog on my site. Ah, the joys of home ownership!
  3. News from WebCT Impact – My first, and last, Impact conference. Lots of info about what would come of the Blackboard-WebCT merger but would later pale in comparison to the press over Blackboard’s patent and subsequent lawsuit against their next leading competitor, Desire2Learn.
  4. Revealing the title of Harry Potter Book 7 – Only a few weeks old and already #4. It just goes to show that popular culture has its own trends and they don’t always follow yours!
  5. The truly world-wide web, or my blog’s travellog – This was a fun post for me as I realized the global impact that today’s netizens enjoy. What I’ve found even more meaningful is cultivating relationships with those from around the globe, opportunities that I would not have had without the reach of the web.
  6. Online Connectivism Conference – Another recent post which speaks to the rise in popularity of “un-conferences” such as the incredibly successful K12 Online Conference.
  7. Encyclopodia – Wikipedia for your iPod – Wikipedia at your fingertips, or at least as close as your iPod’s dial! But I repeat my plea for a 5g compatible version!
  8. Links – 4 December 2006 – This was just a list of links I wanted to remember to come back to, although looking back, I don’t believe I ever did.
  9. Casey Bisson receives Mellon Award for Technology Collaboration – Another open-source initiative, this time targeting the library OPAC for greater accessibility. More will come of this in the new year, with a new name. Stay tuned!
  10. TikiWiki as a university knowledge base – Plymouth State launched an internal knowledge base intended to serve as a point of reference for frequently utilized HelpDesk and IT information as we did not have a content management system. However as of 1 January, it will be retired as we now have a content management system, Hannon Hill’s Cascade, which we hope will launch our knowledge base into the next decade with improved authorship capabilities.

*Ok, I found out why so many of my recent posts showed so high. BSuite was showing activity in the past 15 days rather than the entire year. So I changed my selector and here is what popped up. Many are the listed above and some are downright boring but in the interest of full disclosure here are the top twelve for the full year, although two of them: Resume and About the Author are pages rather than posts.

  1. New 2005 ECAR Report on Students and Information Technology
    Tot: 1,052, Avg: 4, Max: 20
  2. News from WebCT Impact
    Tot: 1,040, Avg: 6, Max: 66
  3. Resume
    Tot: 630, Avg: 2, Max: 14
  4. Google Calendar available
    Tot: 475, Avg: 2, Max: 20
  5. The Ten Faces of Innovation
    Tot: 438, Avg: 2, Max: 8
  6. About the Author
    Tot: 432, Avg: 2, Max: 10
  7. Interesting theme problem
    Tot: 426, Avg: 2, Max: 15
  8. Our new home
    Tot: 419, Avg: 2, Max: 15
  9. The Highlight of My Day
    Tot: 408, Avg: 1, Max: 6
  10. WebCT Portfolio
    Tot: 357, Avg: 2, Max: 14
  11. We’re moving!
    Tot: 350, Avg: 1, Max: 13
  12. Dead Air
    Tot: 312, Avg: 2, Max: 7


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