Status report on resolutions for 2006

Last year I listed seven resolutions. How did I do?

1. Give this blog the attention it deserves
In 2006, I hit the 100 post milestone. This year I hope to drive more traffic but I think I will need to develop more programmatic posts than summary posts to achieve this.

2. Finish my M.Ed. in Educational Technology
Graduated in May, yippee  🙂

3. Start my Ed.D.
Looking to start in spring 2007, probably beginning with my CAGS until PSU’s doctoral program is approved.

4. Present at an industry conference
Submitted presentations but have yet to be accepted. Trying again for 2007

5. Map out my career path

6. Give back to the EdTech field
Making small steps with local endeavors but I hope to become more involved with NHSTE this year.

7. Develop and teach a graduate level course
Looks like I’ll be teaching that course this summer. The catalog title is Elements of the Web, but I may have to tack 2.0 on to the end of it to keep it current 😉

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2 thoughts on “Status report on resolutions for 2006

  1. Not a bad effort, then, this year John! As far as blogging goes and getting more posts under your belt, it’s quality not quantity that you should be going for. Also, more reading tends to generate more posts.

    The Elgg PhD community will welcome you with open arms once you start your Ed.D. You’re welcome to view my Ed.D. blog here:

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