Encyclopodia – Wikipedia for your iPod

The blogosphere was abuzz a month or so back when word spread about an app called Encylcopodia that dumped the entire Wikipedia body into a content form that could be ported to and read from your iPod. The implications are staggering but so are the possibilies, not simply from the standpoint of having such a wealth of knowledge at your fingertips but from the demonstration that such a thing was possible. My mind started churning out a number of exciting variants.

  • What if the content was not only viewable but was formed in such a way that it could be read back to the user? How might this help our auditory learners or those with visual impairments?
  • What if we could easily port our own local wiki content to such a form accessible from our own or our students iPods, or better yet any similar device regardless of manufacturer? I could envision our teachers having a portable professional development app at their disposal, or our students having a portable repository of knowledge and information for when they conduct field studies.
  • What if, through the integration of a recording system such as the MicroMemo, we could then contribute back to that larger body? Imagine students conducting interviews or taking field notes which could then be incorporated into a Wiki-based study. I haven’t played with it much but the application TiddlyWiki has the ability to work locally and then synchronize content with the server based version.

What would it take for us to take what Robert Bamler has started and make it even more valuable as a teaching, learning and archival tool?

P.S. – Could we have a 5g compatible version? The current version of Encyclopodia supports only pre-video enabled iPods and I don’t have a spare iPod to risk hacking my 30GB 5g although the iPodlinux.org site says it’s simple.


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