Online Connectivism Conference

This one is on my virtual calendar!

The Learning Technologies Centre at the University of Manitoba is hosting the Connectivism Online Conference. Thanks in large part to the efforts of George Siemens, this wholly online (oh and did I mention, FREE!) conference runs from 2-9 February 2007 and will feature the likes of Stephen Downes, Terry Anderson, Bill Kerr (link to presentation material) and Will Richardson as well as George Siemens himself.

This event will employ both Moodle and e-lluminate and will cover such areas as:

“…trends in K-12 sector, trends in higher education, research and net pedagogy, technological and societal trends, and connective knowledge and connectivism.”

I am looking forward to this event and hope that you will join me there!

Note: Bill Kerr’s link has been updated to reflect his new location and he kindly offered a link to his presentation material.


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