The truly world-wide web, or my blog’s travellog

I started using Google Analytics to track the hits to my blog last April. According to bsuite, I just topped 33,000 hits (although I cannot remember when I installed/reinstalled bsuite so the data does not necessarily jive with the date!) which compared to the traffic count of Will Richardson and Casey Bisson is peanuts but I am not yet in their league.

I used the data from GA to create a visual representation of the hits to my blog:


(To view a larger version, click the image above)
It still amazes me that the world is so connected. Who would have imagined even just a few years ago that one person could connect, if only virtually, to an audience that hails from across the globe? So a shout out to those few folks whose locales I could assume: Dave Cormier and Stephen Downes, Jeff Utecht, Wes Fryer and Doug Belshaw. And a virtual hello to my visitors from Pakistan, Mauritius, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Republic of Korea, the Phillipines, Taiwan, Japan, South Africa, Dubai, Singapore, Indonesia, Brazil, Russia, Jordan and Israel. Prior to GA, my old blog stats even showed a hit from Iran!

To quote Disney, “It’s a small, small world.”


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