USNH e-Portfolio Summit – A review

The USNH e-Portfolio summit went off nicely last Friday. We had 63 registrants and Plymouth State fielded eleven attendees. The crowd was quite diverse and represented the mix administrative, technical and pedagogical crowds we hoped to attract. Faculty represented 25% of our attendance which was wonderful considering that these are the folks we need to have at the table.

Dr. Barrett’s presentation was well delivered and, I believe, well received based on conversations I held with a number of participants. She will be sending copies of her presentation as well as an audio version recorded on her iPod! This is great for me as I often get so embroiled in thought in these types of presentations that I tend to miss pieces. With her permission, I will link to them here when they become available.

Our panel presentation went very well (or so I am told – I was too busy focusing on what I was going to try to say!) and showed the varying degrees to which our four campuses are currently pursuing and/or utilizing electronic portfolios.

The post-luch round table discussions focused on two areas:

  1. A review of thoughts and impressions of electronic portfolios in general, and
  2. How can the representative institutions work together on the pending e-Portfolio initiative coming out of the USNH Long-Range Technology Plan (LRTP)?

It will be interesting to see where this opening dialogue takes us and how the faculty and administration at our own institutions respond.

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