CE5290 – Managing Technology in School Environments

I may be teaching a grad course on the art and science of managing technology in school environments. My colleague Royce uses the 4th edition of Managing Information Technology by E. Wainright Martin et al from Prentice Hall Business Publishing which Amazon has for a reasonable price. The most current 5th edition however is running for an ungodly $150.80 for the hardcover!

Another text I’ve come across which hits the highlights of technology management in K-12 is Thane B. Terrill’s Technology on a Shoestring, a copy of which is available through our Lamson Library. While not an in-depth tome, it nonetheless covers the spectrum of what any tech coordinator is likely to face on a daily basis.

Chapters include:

  1. What is a network?
  2. Network architectures
  3. Operating systems
  4. Network Design Attack Plan
  5. Special Operations
  6. Network Infrastructure: Tying It All Together
  7. Dealing with Vendors
  8. Multi-Function vs. Single-Function Servers
  9. Security Overview
  10. Viruses and Spyware
  11. Lurking Dangers
  12. Hoaxes and Spam
  13. Firewalls
  14. Backup Strategies
  15. When Things Go Wrong
  16. Email and IM
  17. Disk Imaging
  18. Recovering from a Disaster
  19. Websites
  20. Blogs and Wikis
  21. Fixing Problems
  22. Remote Connections
  23. Foundations of the Internet
  24. Working with People
  25. Maintaining Your Own Sanity



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