Dinner with Helen Barrett

Ok, so this really is shameless self-promotion but an incredible opportunity nonetheless!

As part of the USNH e-Portfolio Summit, our convening committee invited Dr. Helen Barrett to give the keynote address. Since she is in town this evening, the opportunity arose to invite her to dinner. From my perspective, the opportunity to share a meal with someone of Dr. Barrett’s stature is rare and so I am really looking forward to this evening.

I’ve had the opportunity to hear Dr. Barrett at the 2006 WebCT IMPACT Conference in Chicago this past July where she spoke about her current focus, digital storytelling. While the focus of the USNH summit is much more basic, more along the lines of an introduction to the world of electronic portfolios, I’ve not had the opportunity to hear Dr. Barrett speak at this level. So while it may be old hat, it will be new to me and I look forward to hearing her thoughts. But that’s tomorrow, and who knows what this evening’s conversation will bring. Although after having read and enjoyed her whitepaper on Authentic Assessment, at least I have a few things to take somewhat intelligently on.

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One thought on “Dinner with Helen Barrett

  1. John, I am so embarrassed. I hadn’t updated my Bloglines to your new feed (even though I thought I had) and had wondered why you had gone “quiet” for such a long time. Your comment earlier today prompted investigation and I found that I’d been missing your voice for 9 months. I had actually thought you given blogging up – I’m happy that I am wrong and I am back, subscribed to the correct feed. Dinner with Helen Barrett would have been interesting, especially as I have heard her speak her in Australia a year ago. We also had a workshop day where she did some hands-on stuff with some of the participants. I found to be an interesting speaker although her ideas and concepts (digital space for life) are a long way from becoming reality here in Australia. I was very interested in her perspective on blogs where she stated that a blog was an essential component of an e-portfolio but solely for reflective purposes. I disagree as I think that a blog is so much more and is a true vehicle for lifelong and networked learning. Anyway, glad to have your posts filling my Bloglines again – sorry for not noticing sooner.

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