NERCOMP SIG – Social Software for Teaching & Learning

Subtitled Insights from Early Adopters, this SIG advertises sessions on the following topics:

  • Social Software in the Classroom: Happy Marriage or Clash of Cultures? (Eric Gordon, Emerson)
  • Teaching and Learning in a Virtual World (Rebecca Nesson, Harvard)
  • Electronic Constructivism: Inspiring and Motivating Students with Thought Provoking Questions and Emerging Technologies (Dr. Maureen Brown Yoder, Lesley University)
  • Social Computing Tools in the Curriculum (Katie Livingston Vale, MIT)

More information is available at the Social Software SIG website including links to presentations and referenced materials.
It also leaves time at the end for furthering the creation of an online community of practice for EdTechies. This is probably the part I am looking forward to the most. I’ll post the details of the sessions that strike me although I’ve got to duck out of the first one to call into a teleconference to discuss Friday’s e-Portfolio summit.

The trip down from NH was a good 3 hours and 45 minutes but luckily, I’ve travelled down here with a colleague of mine, Casey Bisson of Maison Bisson fame so the trip was far more enjoyable than it might have been otherwise.

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