Electronic Constructivism

Thoughts from the presentation.

From Maureen’s handout, which included an article from Learning & Leading with Technology which is available to ISTE members here:

(In) A Constructivist Learning Environment:

  • Knowledge is constructed, not just reproduced.
  • Previous knowledge is valued.
  • There are relationships to the real world.
  • Multiple viewpoints are represented.
  • Collaboration and social interaction are encouraged.

I love the following quote as I’ve used another from Marvin Bartel in the past:

“I kill creativity when I demonstrate instead of having students practice. ”

– Marvin Bartel

Webquests – Bernie Dodge – Change a fact finding question into a compelling, intriguing challenge. A good question involves:

  • Going beyond fact finding,
  • Analysis, evaluation, discussion and debate
  • Demonstration of new knowledge

Guidelines for group interaction

  • Rubrics: individual and/or group; project and process
  • Reflections of members of the group; journals
  • Evaluation of work; group or individual assessment

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