USNH e-Portfolio Summit

The University System of New Hampshire will be hosting an e-Portfolio Summit at the University of New Hampshire – Manchester campus from 9-2:30 p.m. on Friday, November 17th. Our keynote speaker will be the noted Dr. Helen Barrett.

Dr. Helen Barrett has researched strategies and technologies for electronicn portfolios since 1991. She maintains a resource Web site,, and an Apple Learning Interchange exhibit, on e-Portfolios, and has authored chapters in several books and numerous articles on the subject. Dr. Barrett is the Research Project Director for The REFLECT Initiative, an international research project assessing the impact of e-Portfolios on student learning, motivation, and engagement in secondary schools.

Additional sessions include an overview of the current state of portfolio initiatives in the four representative institutions and a brainstorming session on how our institutions can and/or should work together to pursue these initiatives.
The full program is available here: USNH e-Portfolio Summit

This summit is the precursor to an anticipated $450,000 University System of New Hampshire block grant to support electronic portfolio initiatives system wide.

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