K12 Online Conference

This had come across my radar a few weeks ago as it was being touted in a number of the blogs I follow. I mentioned this morning to our CIO Dwight Fischer about this free online conference which is designed for K-12 but obviously has an impact on higher ed, considering that we will be seeing the students affected by current technological events in our own schools very soon.

What really piqued my interest though was the keynote kickoff presented by David Warlick who is well known in his own right for his blog, 2-cents worth, as well as for his passionate and enaging perspectives on technology and education. If you don’t check out anything else, take a peek at his online keynote which he filmed in his own backyard, literally!

The conference url is http://k12onlineconference.org

And to top things off, I was amazed to see that you can get graduate credit for attending, or rather participating, in this conference. Who offers this credit, none other than our very own Plymouth State University in conjunction with the Shanghai American School!

I’d write more but I need to watch the keynote again. It’s a bit lengthy and packed with so much info that I need to take a second look.

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