Sad day in the Martin household – The Crocodile Hunter has passed

Steve Irwin
22 Feb 1962 – 4 Sep 2006
Steve Irwin - The Crocodile Hunter
While doing what he loved best, Steve Irwin was reported to have died during the filming of a documentary on Australia’s Great Barrier Reef. Reports say that he was struck in the chest by a stingray as he was swimming above it. The barb, it is believed, penetrated below his ribcage and punctured his heart.
Steve is was one of my son Hunter’s heroes. Hunter has always loved how much Steve cared for the animals he encountered. I think that much of Hunter’s affinity for all things reptilian has to do with Steve’s influence. As Jacques Cousteau was for me growing up, so Steve Irwin was for my son. There are some folks who just seemed to have that aura of invincibility and Steve was one of them. When our seemingly invincible heroes fall, it is an unwelcome reminder of our own mortality and as such, makes the loss that much harder for us to accept.
Hunter - The future Croc Hunter

As I was typing this post, I received a call from home – Hunter had seen the news reports and asked my wife Michelle to call me to make sure I knew what had happened. His biggest concern? Who was going to take care of all the animals at the Australia Zoo.

Our thoughts go out to his wife Terri, his daughter Bindi, his son Bob and the rest of Steve’s family and friends at the Australia Zoo and beyond. May the rest of us carry on his passionate pursuit as a tribute to his efforts!

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