State of the LMS

About two weeks ago I posted about the Blackboard patent on what amounts to the LMS in theory and practice. Many of my colleagues have been sending me links that they have come across and I thought that in the interest of developing a reading list for those interested, that I would include them here. The comments in many of these articles are perhaps the most compelling reading.

Bear in mind that I cannot attest to whatever bias these authors may introduce in their arguments.

No EDU Patents – Wiki topic

Insider Higher Education article – Blackboard: Bully or Misunderstood (8/18/06)

* Not the best example of journalism but it has garnered responses from the likes of Michael Feldstein, Stephen Downes and Dave Cormier.

SAKAI Foundation Engages Software Freedom Law Center… (08/17/06)

Portals Mag – Blackboard Sues for E-Learning (8/14/06)

O’Reilly article – Blackboard E-Learning Patent (08/13/06)

* Ironic considering the Web 2.0 brouhaha from last spring.

Chronicle of Higher Education – Blackboard Sues Rival Provider… (08/02/06)

Michael Feldstein’s Interpretation of Bb Patent in PDF format

Blackboard Patent FAQ

Blackboard Letter to Clients from CEO Michael Chasen

Other interesting sites include those collecting prior art in an effort to provide evidence that might serve to invalidate the patent.

Desire2Learn Patent Info Page

Moodle Prior Art

Wikipedia Prior Art

And one of the most passionate discussions is occuring on the Moodle Forum. You do need to register in order to view/participate but for those interested in getting involved, this appears to be the place.



From – Patent fight rattles academic computing (08/27/06)

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