Too much bandwidth?

Sorry for the delays and inconsistent access to my blog of late. Although I have no idea how given the low traffic numbers, this site somehow managed to consume all of the bandwidth allocated by my HasWeb account. My colleagues are encouraging me to switch over to Dreamhost but I am a little frustrated with its user interface.

On top of that my feed was broken when I updated my Performancing Metrics plug-in and thanks to the Armenian Eagle‘s help in locating the problem it was just easier to remove the plug-in since I use both bsuite and Google Analytics anyway.

Hopefully everything is back up and running now.

Nope, my dang feed is still broken. Back to the drawing board.


I may have been too hasty thinking it was performancing as that was the only mod I made prior to losing my feed. A Google search revealed that sometimes a fight between PHP and gzip could be the culprit. So I went to Options -> Reading and cleared the checkbox that asked if WordPress should compress articles (gzip) if browsers ask for them and that fixed my feed. Very weird but that’s tech for you.


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