BlackWeb (taking a page from Microsoft?)

Skimming my feeds yesterday I came across a post by Stephen Downes commenting on a post from Michael Feldstein about the announcement by Blackboard that they had secured a patent on, get this, the Learning Management System!

Dave Cormier had a great post and it sounds as if EdTechTalk will be developing a conversation around this very subject as well as the impact of DOPA this Sunday, August 6th at 8 pm EDT.

Then Will Richardson joined in with details on his Skype convo with Dave and metioned that

“the day the patent was awarded, Blackboard sued Desire2Learn for infringement…”

So what is an institution to do? One of the conversations over on the Moodle forum (requires free signin and you may need to cut and paste the URL once you log in) asked:

“If University X pops its head up as thinking about swapping to Moodle then BlackCT smirk to themselves as they say ‘you do know we hold the patents to the VLE, would you want to swap to a system we might sue out of existance?'”

I don’t have that answer but I have no doubt that it will impact the direction our institution chooses in the future.

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