The Digital Nomad’s Toolkit

It seems that everyday brings a new tool/toy to my attention. Flock, Writely, Skype, WordPress, PBwiki, the list goes on and on as the deluge of feeds from my blogroll can attest!
Between the wealth of new web-based tools out there and my own digitally nomadic life, I thought it time that I create my own list of “killer apps” that I would combine into my truly mobile “office.”

At the risk of sounding like a Google flunky, I have to say that most of the tools they have either developed or acquired I would not hesitate to include as they form the beginnings of an online office suite. So to begin, here are my first candidates:

I would like to include Google Talk but as it does not have native support for Macs, it doesn’t rate as a communications tool in this any computer, anywhere model.

What else do I have in my toolkit? – The idea of having online storage available to me with a web-based interface is great. Now they do have a 1GB storage cap for their free service and file uploads are limited to 10MB but for most uses this is quite adequate.

In the semi-mobile category
(semi-mobile only in that it requires external hardware such as a flash drive):

Portable Firefox – I like the idea of being able to carry my browser with me. My USB flash drive can become a portable desktop with a few more power apps like this.

I’ll add to this as I go along but this is a good start.

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