At WebCT Impact

I’m in Chicago, IL for the WebCT Impact conference held at the Sheraton Chicago Hotel & Towers. I’m in a bit early as I am attending three pre-conference tutorials over the next two days:

  • Exploring WebCT Portfolio – which is something our campus is currently evaluating
  • Podcasting for Educators
  • Building Online Community

Last year my colleagues came here as we were preparing to upgrade from our old Campus Edition 4 app to the Campus Edition 6 app. Their focus was primarily on adjusting to the new environment. Now that we are firmly enaged with CE6, I am shifting the focus to content enrichment. This will be my guiding theme for this year’s conference. If my program schedule is any indication, I may need another suitcase on the way home just for the session handouts.

If anyone out there in the blogosphere is attending, drop me a comment and we’ll catch up.

Now for the personal notes:

I’m staying at the Fairmont Hotel and all I can say is OMG! It’s a classy place just down the street from the Sheraton but you pay out the nose for everything. There is a locked but stocked bar with snacks but the prices are out of sight! As an example, they have Jack Daniels for $8.00 and small serving Pringles for $3.50. They also stock Glenlivet for $38/375ml! That’s one bar that will stay locked for my time here. And unlike smaller chains such as the Holiday Inn, Internet access is not complimentary. I’m currently paying $15/day for access. Luckily the conference will have wireless access so I may only pay tonight.
O.K. another side note, I’m dying here! The BoSox are playing the ChiSox and it’s tied at 5 in the 17th inning! What’s worse is that none of the hotel TV channels are carrying the game! Thank god for MLB Gameday – though I’m peeved that MLB doesn’t support Macs as I have a Gameday Audio subscription and I’d love to hear Joe Castiglione calling the play by play right now!

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