WebCT Portfolio

Our university recently observed a webinar on a Blackboard-WebCT product called WebCT Portfolio. Many of the teacher education programs on campus are currently invested in a product called iWebfolio and more departments on campus are looking towards some sort of portfolio management process.

One of the advantages of this product is that it integrates nicely with our current LMS (learning management system), WebCT, at the course level. One of the displayed features was the ability to archive entire discussion postings/threads as an artifact within the portfolio process.

There are a number of questions I have about the product and its process for managing the portfolio process.

  1. How are auditors/reviewers assigned and managed (locally, administratively, external access)?
  2. How and where are the artifacts stored?
  3. What is the expected cost in terms of storage space per student?
  4. What is the longevity of the portfolio beyond the classes/courses/other events particular to the student experience?
  5. How are external events not bound to WebCT processed?


  • Build tab/View tab similar to that of course design
  • Employs templating for University and departmental goals
  • Blog within portfolio (?)
  • Gallery tool for images
  • Data collection and reporting on usage/visitation statistics on a per item basis

One area of concern I have in pursuing an integrated feature such as this deals with the ambiguity of the future of the Blackboard-WebCT product. I am concerned about data portability should it be determined that our institutional goals and philosophies no longer include a proprietary LMS.

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