Google Calendar available

Seems like the big news today is the release of the Calendar app from Google. If you have a G-mail acccount, it is a simple matter of logging into and accessing your account.

While this is a beta app, there are a few tweaks I’d like to see. For those of us tied to Microsoft products due to institutional arrangements, it would be great if there was a cleaner import app direct from a local calendaring agent. Here at Plymouth State we have a portal based calendar and synchronization is effected through the use of a Sun product formerly known as iPlanet and now simply called Sun ONE Synchronization. It would be great if Google provided a tie-in to support this type of linking app.

I tried using the Import feature but it only pulled in some of my events and Outlook does not support the export of recurring events, rather it converts them to one off events (painful to be sure as my recurring meetings often find themselves rescheduled due to the availability of our team members!). I believe this to be an issue with my Outlook app but it is disappointing nonetheless.

On another note, I like the ability to configure Google Calendar to email you a daily agenda and to even text message you when you have an upcoming appointment! Unfortunately, I have not yet figured out how to connect it to my Verizon provider since that is not one of their currently listed carriers. Given my chaotic lifestyle, another reminder cannot be a bad thing!

One thought on “Google Calendar available

  1. I know that Apple’s iCal can export to a .ics file that myPlymouth can import. I did this with my calendar and it seemed to work. myPlymouth also picked up the recurring events. The only downside was that i had to export one calendar at a time(classes, work etc..) but I hardly consider this an issue.

    Importing them into google worked just like in myplymouth. Recognized the repeating events and everything.

    Anyway, didn’t know if you already knew about this, but figured I would put it out here.


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