Interesting new (to me) Google search tool for blogs

I was checking out my blog stats from Performancing when I noticed that one of the referral URLs to my site was from I hadn’t heard of that one before so I pulled it up. It’s an interesting way to search just blog content. In a search for “ECAR,” my blog post New 2005 ECAR Report on Students and Information Technology was the second return. It is my sincere hope that speaks highly of the search process. I’ll have to remember to share this with my Web Expressions class.

UPDATE: Ok, so it turns out that blogsearch has been around since September of last year. That’s a lifetime in computer years but I wonder why it didn’t generate much buzz. I did notice as I was poking around that it’s process for returning results seems to favor those blogs with the key words in the title versus the content. I don’t know if I like that. For example, I did a search for edublogs and the first page was fine, but page three and many of the following pages of results had the same blog listed, albeit with differing posts.

I guess I would prefer a feature that would return a blog hit but would then subcategorize or compress links to the same blog.
BTW, Will Richardson’s blog, didn’t make the first page for edublog. What gives? At least James Farmer and Josie Fraser were well represented!


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