We’re moving!

I’ve outgrown what my WordPress.com account can offer. Turns out I want to play with widgets and scripts and such, go figure. But I like the WordPress environment so I visited wordpress.org and downloaded and installed v.2 and imported, successfully, my posts from this blog.

So far, so good. I’ve got a long way to go to figure out themes and PHP but now I can experiment with my own installations – how dangerously exciting!
Here is the new URL and feed for my account out of my domain – www.whitemountaintech.net

New blog URL – http://edventures.whitemountaintech.net

New blog feed – http://www.whitemountaintech.net/wordpress/feed/

I’ve also tweaked the blog a bit to include the following plug-ins:

bsuite – a stats program courtesy of Casey Bisson

podPress – a podcasting encapsulation plug-in

Just a note, I plan on leaving this up until WordPress decides to deep six it so any links that currently point here will not break. But if you do find this blog, please visit my new home and link to these posts there.


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