Kathy Sierra! Need I say more?

Kathy Sierra is perhaps one of my greatest inspirations, next to my wife and children of course!

For those of you who are not familiar, Kathy Sierra is the author of a number of Head First books from O’Reilly Press but what really impresses me is her blog, Creating Passionate Users. I’ve referenced a number of her posts in my Web Expressions course and have tried to incorporate her learning and teaching philosophies into my own practice. Her latest entries as of this post are: Mediocrity by "areas of improvement", a fresh look at re-engineering the dreaded performance review, and Brain death by dull cubicle – her take on new developments in brain theory as they apply to our work environments.

These are a few of my favorite Kathy Sierra posts:

Crafting a user experience

Keeping users engaged

Blowing your own mind

Think sexy

The importance of seduction and curiosity

Creating a passionate…You

The user’s journey

Transparency v. seduction

and perhaps my own guiding text,  

Ten tips for new trainers/teachers 

 Thanks for the inspiration Kathy and keep up the great work!


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