Assignment: Who are you? What do you want?

For those of you who are fans of the SciFi genre, you may recognize the origin of these questions. For the uninitiated, the questions are asked of the protaginist in the series Babylon 5. I chose this theme after the discussion in our class today which highlighted the impact of media on the way we encounter, perceive and process information.Who are you?

In class today I asked you about your philosophy as a learner. I also asked you to think about your roles as a member of the classroom community. Now that you have had an opportunity to consider what was discussed, I would like for you to post a blog entry which addresses the following:

  • Describe how you believe you learn best,
  • Describe your perception of your role in this class and,
  • Discuss one area of weakness that you would like to improve as a result of this course.

What do you want?

My philosophy is that this class is learner-centric. It is my belief that while we are addressing certain topics that are central to the course, it is important for each of you as learners to take control of your education and focus on areas that you wish to improve. As a new blog entry, or as a continuation of the entry started above, please speak to the question of “What do you want,” and what you desire to get out of this course. Be insightful and true to your hopes and aspirations.

A Friendly Reminder
This is a good time to begin brainstorming topics that you might wish to employ as the basis of your class project.

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