Try Firefox as your alternative to Internet Explorer

Some of you mentioned that you were having problems downloading the OPML file I provided that contained all the blog links for our class. This appears to be related to how Internet Explorer handles downloads. For some strange reason IE keeps trying to save OPML files as straight XML files and that has caused some problems for those of your attempting to import into your feed reader of choice.

One alternative to Internet Explorer that does not appear to have the same problem is Firefox. Firefox is a reliable and some would argue more functional alternative to IE. It supports tabbed browsing which means that rather than having 5 or 10 open IE windows, you can have one Firefox window and 10 tabs inside it.

For those really brave souls you can try Flock. Flock is a beta product based on the Firefox browser but is designed to be more compatible with what has come to be called “Web 2.0.” Flock supports blogging directly from the browser and is tied to, which is an online social bookmarking application.


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