The Art of Creativity – Class Notes

Rearrange the room – I hate walls and rows – neither is conducive to a creative environment so at the beginning of each class, we’ll spread ourselves into a semi-circle and at the end of each class, we need to put the chairs back for those who follow.Review last class

  • What did you learn about me, take a few minutes to get together in small groups and work up a bio and provide a forensic overview of your process.
  • Let’s talk about how creative your process is or could be, pretend you are an FBI profiler – work me up.

This class is not about me, it is about you. I find that people learn more from one another than they will from me. It’s all about the math, folks. The sum of the knowledge contained within a group will always be greater than that possessed by any one individual.

This course is not about lectures and stasis. It is about dynamic interaction. For those of you who have read my profile, you know that I am a rock climber. Any others out there? For the purposes of this course, we are climbing partners to one another. This course is not unlike a multi-pitch climb – in order to achieve the goal set before us, we will need to rely upon one another to reach the summit. Sometimes we lead, sometimes we follow. Belaying each other…, through the crux…And that crux differs for each of us.

Creativity is an adventure of the mind. When you think about it, we are gods within the worlds of our mind.

Discuss: What does it mean to be creative? What does creative look like? How can we/how do we express our creative thoughts.

  • Develop a recipe for your creativity

Discuss: How do our emotions, passions, feelings affect what we see as creative and in turn how do they affect our own creativity?

Discuss: Creativity is at once intimately personal and socially dependent?

Homework: Blog reading
I will be posting an article on blog and creativity resources. Please follow and read these links and provide a responsive summary as a comment to my post.

Homework: Activity
For the next class, I would like for you to create a profile of yourself. Who you are, what you hope to get out of this class (other than a passing grade), and anything that would help us to know and understand you better. Create a profile for yourself and post it to your blog. Start early, experiment with the tools and be creative!

What is your philosophy?

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