Exploring the Art of Creativity

Ok, so here is my first lesson to you. Save early and save often. And when you think you’ve already saved your work, SAVE IT AGAIN! I just spent the last hour crafting your resource post when my blog seized up and erased my work. All of it. So, here we go again.

It WAS 8:20 p.m., the kids are STILL in bed and some nut case on Survivor WAS singing cum-ba-ya. My bitterness is over and as promised, here are the links to the resources I promised you. You will notice that they come from a wide range of perspectives – education, business, technology and yes, even art. Peruse them over the next few days and allow them to help guide your own creative process.

I came across this article today. From Business Week, it is written by the thirty year old director of consumer products for Google, Marissa Ann Mayer. Turning Limitations into Innovation.

As I mentioned in class, this site has been at the top of my list since I came across it last summer. Kathy Sierra was a programmer and game developer who has taken her skills and applied them to writing books and in her blog – Creating Passionate Users.

This next resource is a paper by Marvin Bartel, Ed.D. of Goshen College. Called Teaching Creativity, it is a resource for art education teachers and has interesting insights on limiting the design process.

Next are a couple of links from the art website of Nancy Doyle. What is art about? and Notes on Art-Making speak to her process and philosophy.

You may also wish to explore the next few links at your leisure. They may provide the mental lubrication when your creative gears get stuck.

Creativity Central – Blog on the creative process

Keri Smith – Blog on passion and creativity

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