Communication and Creativity

Classroom environment: Let’s begin by rearranging the room again. No walls, no rows. Let’s spread ourselves into a semi-circle.

Review last class

  • Feed reader -There were some problems with IE, so everyone should try downloading Firefox and using that process.
  • Blog entries – Is everyone caught up?
  • I’m experimenting with recording this class and turning it into a podcast. We’ll see how it goes.
    (Due to equipment issues, this didn’t occur. After today’s conversation I truly wish we had. The level of excitement and engagement was second only to the quality and depth of what came out in our exercises. Particularly when we were discussing how artists convey mood through color, tone, design and sound. The example of the soundtrack to horror films (the classic ones particularly) sticks in my mind.)

My philosophy of this class and our roles for one another:

Discuss: Creativity in the context of this class is dependent upon what? Think about the title of this class and what that means to us.

  • Hint – In our last seminar session, we spoke of creativity as both intimately personal and socially dependent?

Exercise: Small groups, brainstorm how humans have communicated from the dawn of our time. Back together lets air our findings and I’ll write them down. Let’s create a timeline (why?) and discuss how this impacts the delivery of our messages.

Discuss: In our last seminar session, we discussed the role that emotions, passions and feelings play in how we view and interpret creativity. How do we communicate these ideas, these intangibles?

Exercise: In the same small groups, think about an idea or concept that can be challenging to convey and talk about how you might try to communicate that to others. Create a mock-up of this and present to the class.

Classroom environment: Let’s take some time to put the chairs back for those who follow.

Homework: Blog entry – In class today we talked about our philosophies and roles as members of the classroom community. Post an entry about your philosophy, what you hope to get out of this course and how you view your role in this community. Be insightful and

Assignment: Project – Begin to brainstorm topics that you might employ as the basis of your class project.

My blog entry for today: Process – Use Meredith Farkas’ post on her book “…lessons learned so far

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