More thoughts on podcasts

As I have been consuming podcasts at a ravenous pace since last summer, I’ve always wanted the ability to throw in markers for significant thoughts so that I could come back to them later. How cool would it be to have a mechanism to throw in personal bookmarks throughout a ‘cast. Perhaps even to the point that if your MP3 player of choice had voice recording capability that you could have your own thoughts embedded within that podcast as a margin note.

Yeah, that’s the ticket.

Zach over at wants:

"…built-in bookmarkable ability. In other words, when I stop listening at a random place, I want it to pick up where I left off. I know it does it for some files it identifies as audiobooks, but how do I make it do this for ones I want to control. This part is merely the difference between an AAC with a .m4a and a .m4b extension. Though making a change like this to a pile of files could still be cumbersome.

You can solve both of these problems by grabbing a couple AppleScript’s – Join Together and Make Bookmarkable."


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