Resolutions for 2006

So the New Year is typically the time for the setting of resolutions one hopes to maintain for the upcoming year. Well, I’ve not had much luck with these in the past but hey, New Year, new possibilities. So with this in mind here are my resolutions, which I will cross-post to my 43 things account in the hopes that I will have some external support in my endeavors.

1. Give this blog the attention it deserves
There are a lot of exciting things on the EdTech horizon. That should make this one easy, right?

2. Finish my M.Ed. in Educational Technology
With just the completion of my current course and my graduate practicum to go, I should be able to do this by my intended grad date of May.

3. Start my Ed.D.
Am I too much of a glutton for punishment? Probably, but I am motivated by the successful dissertation defense by my friend and mentor, Royce Robertson. Congratulations Doctor Robertson!

4. Present at an industry conference
I cut my teeth as a co-presenter at the 2005 ResNet Conference in Atlanta, GA last year. My goal is to be lead presenter at an EdTech conference this year, such as NERCOMP, EDUCAUSE, SIGUCCS, etc.

5. Map out my career path
As a relatively young IT professional who has had a number of challenging jobs that have each provided me with invaluable experiences, I feel that it is about time I look toward my future and set goals for where I want to be and when. Particularly since the opportunity is now afforded me with the recent and upcoming organizational changes in my place of employ.

6. Give back to the EdTech field
I hope to develop stronger ties to EdTech resources in my home state of New Hampshire. Plymouth State University is centrally and ideally located to serve the needs of our central and northern tier schools. As it’s motto is Et Prosim or “To Serve”, I would like to either develop a formal support program or provide support to an existing one.

7. Develop and teach a graduate level course
For my grad practicum, I have proposed to develop a course that addresses recent developments in educational technology. Upon completion, I plan to submit it for consideration to our graduate studies department. I’ve come across a couple of blog posts that show me I’m not alone in this (see Ulises Mejias and Terry Anderson).

I like round numbers, so resolutions 8, 9 and 10 will be forthcoming.


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