Plug for EdTechTalk

Ok, so I am more than a little stoked and this post is a shameless plug – but for a great resource!
EdTechTalk is an incredible integration of weekly online conference, podcast and neural jump-start with a global audience. Hosted by Jeff Lebow, Dave Cormier and Jeff Flynn and made possible through the support of, this ed tech “Professional Development to go” series has showcased those I would consider to be Web notables: Stephen Downes, George Siemens, Jay Cross, Wil Richardson and James Farmer. But more importantly, these folks have made it a point to highlight practioners such as Barbara Ganley, Kathy Malsbenden, Elderbob Brannan, Harold Jarche, Buthaina, and Art Gelwick. The talk ranges from nuts and bolts topics such as the practical matters required to set up a blog, a moodle or internet conference all the way to the more intricate aspects of Web 2.0 with discussions on connectivism, e-learning, and informal learning.

So why the name dropping? The bottom line is to drive more folks to this site. Unlike many podcasts, which are too often one-sided lectures, EdTechTalk is highly interactive. Their regular show schedule allows for, even encourages, global participation in the conversation. Whether via chat room, Skype, or tele-conference (I rely on my mobile as my rural connection rarely exceeds 22.6k), EdTechTalk is Web 2.0 at its finest – connectivity, discourse, and social networking.

Get involved and help make this great resource for those of us in the EdTech field even better!

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