New 2005 ECAR Report on Students and Information Technology

ECAR has released a 2005 version of their report titled “ECAR Study of Students and Information Technology: Convenience, Connection, Control, and Learning.? The report is lengthy at over 130 pages but it delves into the research done into the current (2005) technological lives of our entering and future students and draws comparisons between data garnered in their 2004 study.

It has some eye-opening and, for those still rooted in analog pedagogy, frightening data. As I digest the report, I will be summarizing it here.

The EDUCAUSE Center for Applied Research (ECAR)has come out with its 2005 study on students and information technology. StevenB observes that while students use search engines, “they clearly do not use those resources exclusively.” Barbra Fister reports, though, that “students report using computers only 11-15 hours a week, with searching library databases at less than an hour.” Christopher D. Sessums, following the Chronicle article, reports that the study “shows Students desire a balance of technological and human contact.”

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