Creativity through play

After my last post on the brilliance of the 5-year old mind, came a post from Kathy Sierra’s  Creating Passionate Users blog on a similar topic. Even twenty-somethings have trouble with expressing their creativity having stifled it for so long in middle and high school. So here are the first five techniques Kathy recommends for kick-starting one’s creative juices (for the rest, read her blog!):

  1. Shuffle your music
  2. Have kids (if that is out of the question, rent or borrow some!)
  3. Go to a toy store
  4. Make something
  5. Go to a live show

Read this blog entry or the entry title Blow Your Own Mind and you will find more tidbits and springboards that might serve to loosen up your pucker factor. Creativity is everywhere, you just need to learn how to see it.


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