Blogs? Blogs?! Blogs!!!

One of the most frequent questions I receive in my Web Expressions class in which I have my students working with blogs is “What do you want me to blog about?” Now this class has a focus on creative thought and the expression of that thought through various types of web-based tools. To me, now, it would seem an obvious answer – whatever drives you, turns you on, turns your up, ignites your passion! But then I thought back to my first effort with a blog and saw how dispassionate and uninspired I had been and what came of it.

So I examined the question I was asking myself and came up with two potential answers. One, I needed to know why I was blogging and two, being a visual learner, I wanted to see examples of blogs in action to get a feel for what others were doing.

Perhaps the best “How-To” I came across was developed by Stephen Downes. His post on How To Be Heard is an excellent step by step, design based approach to developing and maintaining a quality blog.

Here are a list of some of the blogs I follow regularly:


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