Exploring Connectivism

11/06/2005 – 8:20 pm
I’ve been listening to an EdTech Talk podcast hosted by Jeff Lebow and Dave Cormier, who were interviewing George Siemens and Jay Cross.

George is best known to me for his advocacy of connectivism and has a website which further explains this concept. What stood out to me in his brief introduction was the concept that networking, in the sense of connectivism, is learning. Our learning, our sense of what is known is tempered, refined and refuted by the filters of those in our network. In an age where we are inundated with data, input and white noise, it is impossible for any one person to understand fully the whole of any subject. Leveraging connectivism  allows us to aggregate the collective knowledge, experience and insight of our social networks thereby refining and improving our own understanding.

Jay’s perspective was focused on informal learning, what goes on beyond the classroom walls. He spoke about our ability to survive being totally dependent upon our ability to adapt. Learning, or rather the application of our ability to learn, is one of the best adaptive response tools we can employ.

More in a bit, I needed to get this posted as it has been sitting in my Google Desktop scratch pad for the past few days.


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